about us

As a property owner in Berry Valley, you become a member of the Berry Valley Owners Association. Owners Association Meetings are held monthly on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm at the Waldorf West Library. These meetings are great opportunity to learn about Berry Valley, as well as
meet other homeowners, the property management team and the Owner Association Board. Meetings will also help you learn how to become involved in the community. As an owner, you are also responsible for paying monthly dues. The dues are applied to costs of community upkeep and to fund a replacement
reserve so that the long-term capital needs of the community are maintained. The monthly dues for single family detached homes in Berry Valley are $74.23 per month and monthly dues for townhomes are $81.66. If you have any question about the amount of your monthly dues, please contact Michael LaPrade at the property management office for assistance. Dues are payable by the 10th of the month and if not paid in a timely manner, l ate fees will be assessed. You can always pre-pay your dues if that is more convenient. 

Berry Valley has a Facebook (closed) Group.  Please join today to receive the most update relevant news and information:
w​ww.facebook.com/groups/berryvalleyhoa/ and a website: www.BerryValleyHOA.org

We believe that it takes each of us actively participating day to day in what goes on around us to maintain our beautiful 241-acres and our neighborly relationships. If you have any questions, contact us!